” Healthier Monsoon Wealthier Monsoon “

22 जुलै

First 2 to 3 weeks of monsoon is transitional phase between hot, dry, sweaty summer and watery, humid rainy monsoon, thus it becomes more crucial period as it witnesses complete environmental change.

During summer human body’s natural tendency is to dehydrate or excrete the watery content more in the form of sweat. With the arrival of monsoon total scenario changes as the humidity in the atmosphere rises. So excess water intake may causes new diseases like common cold, jaundice, diarrhoea, dysentery, worms and worsens the chronic diseases like eczema (a type of skin disease), sinusitis(the inflamed sinuses), gastric ulcers/gastritis.  

As you all know humid atmosphere helps the microorganisms rapid growth. Same is the condition with our body. Any of the infection(new or old) can get aggravated during this period. 

To increase or maintain the immunity of our body we should consider following precautionary measures.


  • The water should be boiled for 15 min compulsorily.
  • Honey 1tsp + a glass of plain water (at room temperature) – This is very good combination to avoid the cough and cold and sinusitis. Once in a day or can be practiced throughout the day.
  • Make use of Laung, bay leaves (Tamal patra), cinnamon(dalchini), cardamom(ilayachi), black pepper(miri) along with tea to avoid common cold, cough, irritation in throat, viral fever or sinusitis immediate after getting wet in the rain. (But persons suffering from gastric pain, acidity or gastric ulcers are advised to take only elayachi).
  • Increase the intake of haldi (turmeric) in daily diet course. Prefered to be taken with cup of warm milk.
  • Eat 3–4 tulsi leaves early in the morning.
  • Always prefer the fresh homemade food items.
  • Regular exercise/yoga will also increase your immunity.
  • Take utmost care in case of wound, ulcer or skin disease. Always keep them dry.
  • Vegetable soup, Spinach (palak), Tomato soup, Tomato + Beat + carrot soup, chiken soup, paya soup – can be a part of diet.


  • Never eat curd in dinner or before bed time. It may aggravate cold, cough or even gastric ulcers.
  • Avoid milk shakes or fruit ice-creams as milk + fruits is a bad combination.
  • Avoid excess intake of oily and sour things as it may cause the acidity.
  • Avoid junk or packed food.
  • Avoid all cold and frozen food items.
  • Avoid wet clothes for longer duration especially socks or inner garments as they may cause or aggravate the skin problems like eczema.
  • Children (< 12 yrs) are advised to avoid road-side food as it may cause the worm problem, dysentery or diarrhoea (loose motions).
  •  Do not sleep immediately after meal. It may induce complaints like indigestion, acidity, gastric pain or delays regular hunger pattern.
  • Avoid continuous use of air-conditioning system (A/C).
  • Avoid water at bed time, early in the morning at empty stomach and immediately after meals as it may cause cold, cough, sinusitis.
  • Avoid swimming immediately after meals.
  • Avoid water intake half an hour before and after swimming.
  • Avoid sleep after lunch.
  • Reduce the intake of fruit juices. Avoid fruits or fruit juices at night.
  • Reduce the intake of coffee as it increases urination.
  • Fish (in any form) – to be avoided as it aggravates skin disease, sinusitis.

These are few primary measure to be taken during monsoon. Continue your regular medication along with this in chronic cases. And if any of the chronic symptoms gets aggravated during monsoon, consult your physician.

As they say ‘Health is Wealth’, let’s follow these simple instructions and make this monsoon healthier and wealthier.

Dr. Medha Sakpal
(Tapasya Clinic,
Louiswadi, Thane W)



2 responses to “” Healthier Monsoon Wealthier Monsoon “

  1. Surekha

    जुलै 27, 2010 at 08:59


    Many thanks Medha for such a useful information. After a log time u r writing blog.
    I think you are back again. Keep it up & All the best.


    • Mohana Joshi

      एप्रिल 7, 2011 at 14:15

      blog kharach khup sundar ahe. ithe dilele Do’s & Dont’s mi regularly follow karnyacha prayatna karte ani tyamule tabyet sadhya khup changli ahe. Blog madhle itar posts hi khup chan ahet. Malahi marathi vachayla khup aavadta tyamule tumcha blog satat check karat aste. kahi posts punha punha hi vachate. (e.g. gurupornime varche post)

      Asech lihit raha. Itka chan lihilyabaddal Thank You..! hya blog sathi tumhala manapasun shubheccha..!


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